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Rose-Hip Vital Canine

Rose-Hip Vital CanineWe have always had a passion for the health and happiness for all our extended family of "Fur-Kids" and are really excited to have the opportunity to be involved with a sensational product like Rose-Hip Vital Canine powder, a 100 % natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which may be beneficial for improving joint health and the general well-being of both active and aging dogs, it is a rich source of vitamin C plant based product that is well tolerated with no negative side affects.

The active compound found in Rose-Hip VitalĀ® Canine actively discourages large numbers of white blood cells from accumulating in the joint and slows down the production of toxic free radicals. This helps to:
  • Reduce inflammation and joint damage.
  • Reduce joint pain and stiffness. 
  • Reduce the consumption of traditional pain killers. 
  • Improve general joint health and wellbeing.
  • There are many confirmed testimonies from owners and the benefits for their dogs and several of our own clients have also given excellent feedback.
Rose-Hip Vital Canine Powder
150g - $44.95
500g - $99.95

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NedOver the last 15 years I have had 6 greyhounds, all of whom have had varying degrees of arthritis caused by the hard, intensive racing training, commenced at a very young age.  Currently there is 'Ned', who showed symptoms of the disease about 3 years ago when he was 4 years old.  My vet tried everything available, injections and steroids and I tried chondriotin and fish oil  Nothing made any read difference until I was told about Rose-hip Vital Canine Powder.  After only a few weeks, Ned was running around the garden, moving much more freely and even his hips no longer looked like metal coathangers.  No, it won't cure him but it has eased the chronic discomfort and certainly slowed the progress of the disease.  Great stuff!

Hazel for "Ned"

Pixie JasperAs my dogs have begun to age, Jasper began to show signs of arthritis and soreness in his shoulders and neck. He was distracted enough to be slow to eat. Pixie was just stiff in her hind legs. Along with other practical tips like lifting their food bowls off the floor, Andrew and Leanne suggested that the research into Rosehip was promising. They had also had good reports from people using Rose-Hip Vital. They gave me some information on the product. Being keen to try a natural product, I took their advice. Within a week or two, both dogs were back to their usual active and happy and pain free selves. While pain reduction is the major benefit I was aiming for, there are others as well. The improvement in the pink stained beard is also notable.

Andrew and Leanne have such a wealth of information and helpful ideas at their finger tips and are so willing to share it, to the benefit of all the pets they care for.

Pauline for Pixie & Jasper

SamanthaSamantha is 9 years old and has been having joint and stiffness issues for a while now, noticably she would favour her left front leg whilst out walking.  Through Andrew I found out about Rose-Hip Vital Canine and being a natural product I decided to give it a try.  Samantha has been using Rose-Hip Vital Canine now for about four weeks and  now seems to have regained her vigor and energy and now during her regular walks with Andrew her movement seems less restricted.

Janet for Samantha