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Doggy Day Tours

We are now offering DOGGY DAY TOURS which are around 6 hours of fun and activity.

We offer fur-clients some socialising in small groups plus those needing to work off some energy.

We pick up from your place in our 8 seater Imax, with time for familiarisation if needed, and then strap in for a day tour to 2-3 destinations.

Generally we have one main attraction, being a farm or beach, with 1 or 2 stops along the way.  These stops may consist of hills or park walks, or designated off leash areas.

Our destinations vary depending on weather, the needs and safety of the group. 

Cost per dog        $66.00
Cost for 2 dogs from same household    $99.00  

We have a familiarisation process for new dogs.  It may be as simple as having a complimentary meet and greet and a booked half hour walk.  This allows us to get to know your pooch and vice versa.  From this walk we may progress to our first outing, but we take a softly-softly approach, so if your pooch needs time to adjust to the new "pack" on tour, we take more time for familiarisation.   We will discuss at the meet and greet how the familiarisation process works. 

We are discerning about which dogs we take on board. For example, if your dog doesn't get along with large dogs we recommend taking a trip when we have smaller dogs on board.   If they are nervous dogs we'd take them with just 1 or 2 dogs.  We will try to accommodate where possible.

Minimum 2 dogs must be booked for tour to go ahead.   If more than 3-4 dogs are booked we take 2 handlers.  Maximum numbers on tour are 6.

All Prices valid from 1st March 2018.

If you would like to make a booking, please contact us.